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Tips for Success on Transport Canada Writtens
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Ask for Help if Needed

If you need assistance regarding the exam, ask the invigilator at the counter. He/she can clarify anything relating to the exam procedure (but of course cannot help you determine a correct answer).

If Something Appears Wrong on the Test, Transport Canada Errors

Due to human error, changes or modernization of aviation technology, enactment of new aviation regulations and standards or changes made to the aeronautical training system, Transport Canada can sometimes have errors on their aviation examinations. If you encounter a Transport Canada mistake when completing your exam, keep note of the question, then move on to the rest of the exam. When you have completed the exam, ask for an inspector (if writing your exam at a Transport Canada examination centre) or invigilator (if writing at a school or club under Transport Canada delegation) and explain that you think there is an error on the exam. Go over your reasons with the inspector/invigilator. If you are correct, the question will be deleted by the inspector/invigilator from your results and your score will be taken out of the remaining questions. Since (if your are correct in pointing out the error) the question is deleted from your score, in my opinion, it becomes hardly worth the effort to raise the issue in the first place. [In my view, if you are smart enough to point out and succesfully prove a Transport Canada error, that alone should be sufficient for a 10 point bonus!]. Rather than going through the process of discussion with Transport Canada where you believe a question is in error, since you will not obtain any real benefit, it seems to me that it may be wisest if you come across a mistake, to try to determine what the exam writers are "looking for", then make an answer selection that will get you the point and to leave the issue to rest. Perhaps after a delay of several days and you have received your finalized examination results, you could at this time write to Transport Canada a letter making reference to the disputed question, giving your reasons why it is in error and your suggestion that it be corrected in the interests of improving the overall examination system.

Finished the Exam with Extra Time?

If you have completed the exam and more time remains, use the surplus time to double check everything. Only when you are completely certain you have done your best should you leave. Avoid the temptation to "show off" by leaving early.

Marking and After-the-Test

When Transport Canada completes marking your exam, you will get a scoring sheet indicating whether you received a pass, partial pass, or fail, and a list of those subjects behind any questions answered incorrectly, based on the relevant Study and Reference Guide. If you pass, congratulations - time for a celebration! However, even if you have passed your written with ease, for the sake of your own personal pilot competence, you should take the time to re-reference and learn any weak subjects that came up and complete the applicable study and review. [Unlike Canada, in the US, subjects scored incorrectly on the FAA written are listed and the flight test examiner is provided with a copy, so that when the candidate is ready for his/her flight test, you can bet the examiner will be digging into those weak subjects on the oral portion of the flight test!] If you have failed, you will be given instructions on when you can re-sit the test (14 day wait following first failure, 30 days for second failure, and additional 30 days for subsequent failures to a maximum of 180 days) and whether any additional training will be required. Lick your wounds, swallow your pride, then get back to the books, improve on your weaknesses and re-write at the first available opportunity. If you obtain a partial pass, you will be given details for writing the applicable sectionalized exam.

I hope you find these pointers useful - good luck!

Michael J. Culhane

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