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How accurately will my scoring from Culhane exams correlate to my ultimate score on the Transport Canada written? Very closely. Over the years we have been getting excellent user feedback on this point - if you constantly score high writing our tests (under simulated exam conditions), you should also score high on the actual Transport Canada writtens.

Can I apply the home study times I spend using your course manuals towards the PPL and/or CPL mandatory ground school attendance requirements? Yes, provided that your flying school/club approves of this. CARs training standards place the responsibilty for maintaining student training records on the flying school/club, so if you wish to include self study towards mandatory ground school attendance records, simply ask your school whether this is acceptable. Most flying schools and clubs in Canada will be pleased to permit you to self study and to apply self study times towards ground school attendance: be sure to keep track of your self study times and itemize the times, study subjects and dates and transfer these times into your official Pilot Training Record (kept at your flying school).

I notice that many of your training manuals are over $100.00. Isn't this somewhat expensive for an aviation training manual? Not in our opinion. Given the many useful features that our training manuals offer to the user in terms of assisting them to focus and learn the required subjects and that will greatly facilitate success on Transport Canada written examinations, and given current prices today for technical training manuals written to a small, specialized reader audience (whether aviation or otherwise) we consider our prices to be fair and reasonable, and to provide superb value to the user, especially when the entire cost of obtaining an aviation licence is considered in context. This value is verified by the thousands upon thousands of Canadian pilots that continue to purchase our training publications every year. As well, given that our training texts are SELF INCLUSIVE, a host of secondary, supplemental publications such as Canadian aviation regulations, texts on radio procedures, navigation, meteorology etc. do not have to be purchased which actually SAVES the customer significant expense.

I have obtained one of your texts issued several years ago which is now out of date. Do you think using any of your outdated texts instead of your most current editions is a good idea and will help me to score well on the current tests? This is NOT recommended. We strongly encourage users of Culhane manuals to ensure that they are studying from only the most current available texts. Since Transport Canada frequently updates its exams, and since aeronautical regulations and procedures are constantly changing, pilots should never study from out of date references not only for the sake of risking a low score on the written, but also for the sake of aviation safety. Studying for an aviation licence using out of date training manuals is like piloting an aircraft with an expired aeronautical chart: not a good idea.

At what time of the year do you normally issue your annual, revised editions of your texts? We generally issue our revised, updated versions of our texts in the 3rd quarter of each year i.e. in the period from October - December. In some cases, however, where there have been important changes to the reguations or to training standards, we issue revised texts as necessary at any time of the year.

I am preparing for an aviation written. Shoud I use your self study courses and sample exams texts, or should I complete your online ground school and/or online exams, as well? As you wish. Some people are excellent at self study, and use our self study texts alone, which usually suffices, while others prefer the added option of 24/7 internet access to our online courses and online exams for higher understanding of the materials and improved test taking skills.

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