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Aviation Links: General Interest

  • Aeroseek. International aviation search engine and directory.
  • Aircraft Survival - Equipped to Survive. Useful site on survival basics.
  • Arrow Recovery Project. Website of the non profit corporation searching for Avro Arrow flight test models - an aviation links directory.
  • avasp.com. A useful site for information on converting your pilot licence to/from other jurisdictions i.e. USA, Canada, New Zealand, JAA, UK, South Africa, Australia etc.
  • Aviationbrowser.com. U.S. based aviation portal, news and aviation links directory.
  • AviationEarth.com. Canadian based aviation news and aviation information.
  • Aviation Screen Savers. Nifty site - some free aviation screen savers available.
  • Aviation Webring. International aviation directory offering a dizzying array of aviation links.
  • AviatorsandAircraft.com. USA based aviation links directory.
  • CanadianAviation.com. A comprehensive, useful and interesting Canadian aviation portal and directory.
  • Canadian Aviation Safety News. A Canadian non-governmental site with a focus on topical aviation safety issues. Includes aviation accident/occurrence reports and findings.
  • Great Aviation Quotes. A fun site - contains aviation poems, jokes, quotes, famous last words etc.
  • Hastie's Hangar. Andrew Hastie is a flying instructor who has assembled an interesting Canadian site with some great photos and an excellent aviation links page.
  • Intellicast.com. An international weather site having satellite and radar weather imagery - very impressive.
  • Kennon Aircraft Covers are a manufacturer of protective covers, sun shields and heat screens for general aviation who have assembled a very good selection of aviation links. Worth a visit.
  • Landings.com. A very rich US site with complete general aviation information.
  • The Professional Pilots Rumour Network. The Professional Pilots Rumour Network (PPRuNe) is a website dedicated to professional pilots and those who are considering a career as a pilot.
  • Professional Pilots Wait Time Site. A really neat site - includes listings of places to stay, things to do etc. while on layover.
  • Propilot.com. An excellent US site for professional and aspiring professional pilots. If you want to become an airline pilot, read the "letter to the industry" written by a B-747 captain.
  • The Right Approach. A Canadian pilot resume service site. Useful tips and pointers on resume prep, interviews and job finding process.
  • Rotorwash International. A website dedicated for rotary wing pilots offering resume service, job postings, classifieds, publications and other rotary wing topics and issues.
  • Simmiles. Offers tracking of worldwide virtual flights based on PIREPs.
  • Snowbirds. Website of the world renowned Canadian Forces Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Squadron.


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