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FAQ: Online Exams, Cont.

Do your online exams include the actual, current Transport Canada questions? No. Transport Canada's actual exam questions as used on current pilot exams are not freely available to the public (excepting the PSTAR questions, where TC does make the actual questions publicly available, but not the answers). Other than the PSTAR, our question banks are entirely our own and have been written based on our expertise of typical Transport Canada exam content, style, dificulty level, and structure. Over the last 15 years of providing exam prep seminars and publishing pilot training texts, we have become good at this such that we can confidently say our exam questions truly offer a realistic simulation of the kinds of questions one can expect from Transport Canada.

In your online exams, have you used the same questions that derive from your paper formatted pilot training written test books? No (excepting the PSTAR questions, which Transport Canada makes publicly available, minus the answers!). The questions in our pilot online exams (excepting the PSTAR) are completely original are not duplicated from our written materials. NOTE: our AME regulatory requirements exam questions are the same for both our textbook and our online exams.

I am having trouble logging on to your online exams using my password. Is there a problem with your server? Probably not. If you are having difficulty logging in, double-check your password carefully, word for word, character for charcter, with all alphabetic letters in LOWER CASE with NO BLANK SPACES and then try and login again. User login problems are virtually always traceable to the user not entering the correct password. For example, if your individual password that we issued to you is "wilbur-wright/pilot" and you try to login incorrectly as "wilbur/wright-pilot" or "WilBuR-wriGhT/PiLot" or "wilbur-right/pilot" or "w i l b u r - w r i g h t/pilot" etc. etc. you will be denied access until you enter the correct password.

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