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Exam Prep Seminars YVR Airport

Our accelerated seminars offer an excellent opportunity to prepare for Transport Canada written aviation exams on a fast track basis or to provide a comprehensive final review of mandatory subjects just before sitting Transport Canada examinations. We are pleased to offer the following exam prep seminars from our training centre located near the main terminal at Vancouver International Airport:


[Private Pilot Seminar] Course Info   Registrations

[Commercial Pilot Seminar]Course Info   Registrations

[Instrument Rating Seminar]Course Info   Registrations

[Airline Transport/IATRA Seminar]Course Info   Registrations

[Helicopter CPL Seminar] Course Info   Registrations

[Helicopter ATPL Seminar] Course Info   Registrations

[Flight Dispatcher Seminar]Course Info   Registrations

[AME Regulatory Requirements Seminar]Course Info   Registrations


General Information

Seminar Fees

Our seminar fees per student are as follows (Culhane training texts, supplies and taxes are extra):

  • Private Pilot - Aeroplane: $650.00 (reduced to $550.00 if Culhane texts purchased with seminar registration)
  • Commercial Pilot - Aeroplane: $750.00 (reduced to $650.00 if Culhane texts purchased with seminar registration)
  • Instrument Rating: $750.00 (reduced to $650.00 if Culhane texts purchased with seminar registration)
  • Airline Transport/IATRA/FAAAA: $750.00 (reduced to $650.00 if Culhane texts purchased with seminar registration)
  • Commercial Pilot - Helicopter: $750.00 (reduced to $650.00 if Culhane texts purchased with seminar registration)
  • Helicopter ATPL: $1,000.00 (reduced to $900.00 if Culhane texts purchased with seminar registration)
  • Flight Dispatcher: $2,500.00 (reduced to $2,400.00 if Culhane texts purchased with seminar registration)
  • AME Regulatory Requirements: $750.00 (reduced to $700.00 if Culhane text purchased with seminar registration)

Seminar Registrations

Seminar registrations can be completed 24/7 at our
online store, in person at our YVR Airport Training Centre at unit #130 - 5980 Miller Road, YVR International Airport, from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday (we are closed statutory holidays), or by telephone at 604-279-0179. Advance registration is mandatory: we do not accept "drop-in" registrations on the commencement date of a scheduled seminar. Since we limit our seminars to 8 candidates maximum per seminar (for optimal student/instructor interaction) we highly recommend advance registration so as to reserve and guarantee a position. Registrations are taken on a "first come - first serve" priority basis: once a seminar is full, no further registrations will be accepted.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, debit card, cash or certified cheque/bank draft for payment of seminar fee. We do not accept personal cheques.

Seminar Location

Our training centre is situated only 1,000 m from the main terminal at YVR Airport, and only 50 m from the "Sea Island Centre" station on the Skytrain Canada Line. We are ideally located for out of town seminar candidates who can arrive at YVR Airport, then use free hotel shuttles or Skytrain to travel from their hotel to our seminar location. Our out-of-town Canadian and international customers taking our courses now have a "perfect excuse" to come to Vancouver, British Columbia for a few days - bring along your spouse/friends/kids etc. and enjoy a small vacation while completing our course! DEPARTURE/RETURN FLIGHTS FROM YVR AIRPORT: To assist booking your return flight from YVR airport, all our courses end by not later than 5:00 PM sharp on the final seminar day, and the travel time from our training centre to the main terminal via taxi or Skytrain is about 5 minutes.

YVR Airport Local Hotels and Accomodations, Transportation to/from Training Centre

There are a number of local B & B's, inns, hotels and accomodations located close (3 km or less) to our training centre. These accomodations all offer a free shuttle service to/from the YVR airport main terminal. In addition to these accomodations, given that we are just across the street from the Sea Island Centre station of the Canada Line, any hotel in downtown Vancouver can also be used, with Skytrain service used to travel to and from our training centre.

Course Dates

Click here for current, scheduled dates of upcoming seminars.

Seminar Training Manuals and Supplies

The required training manuals for each seminar are the appropriate, CURRENT Culhane Ground School Course and supporting Written Test Book. Each student is required to have a current copy of our texts for the purposes of attending a seminar: our texts are extra and are not included in seminar fee. No other secondary training texts, regulations or references are needed for the purpose of completing our seminars. In addition to required Culhane texts, seminar participants should bring pencils/pens/highlighters, lined notepad or notebook, ruler/straightedge and pilots/flight dispatchers should bring standard flight computer (E6B, Electronic or CR at student option, ASA CX-2 is preferred).

Advance Study and Preparation

It is highly recommended that a review of the applicable subjects in our Culhane training texts be completed in advance of the seminar taken. Those that do not complete any advance review will probably have difficulty keeping up with the pace of the seminar. Culhane training texts and pilot supplies (flight computers etc.) will be available for sale at our seminars.

Course Duration and Times

Our seminars other than our Flight Dispatcher course are 2 days, from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on each day (our Flight Dispatcher course is 5 days). A 1 hour break for lunch is provided from 12:00 to 1:00 PM each seminar day. Students can bring a bagged lunch (we have a lunchroom area with table/chairs, sink, counter etc.) or dine out at any of dozens of restaurants at the YVR airport main airport terminal, since Canada Line Sktrain service from the Sea Island Centre station across the street from us to/from the main YVR airport terminal is free. We are also not far from the famous "Flying Beaver" grill and pub at the YVR seaplane terminal/water aerodrome where our students often like to go for lunch in a group.

Course Instructor

Our seminars are normally led by Michael J. Culhane, ATPL BSc BA JD however we sometimes provide alternate or guest instructors from the aviation industry who will be appropriately qualified.

Letter of Recommendation for Admission to TC Exam

For the purposes of sitting the actual Transport Canada written exam, PPL and CPL candidates will need a letter of recommendation from their primary flight instructor (we have no authority to issue this). No letter of recommendation is required for the purposes of the other written exams.

Transport Canada Recognition for PPL and CPL Ground School and Self Study

Under CARs, responsibility for ground school training rests with the student's PRIMARY flight training school/club. Those wishing to have attendance at our seminars or self study times apply towards Transport Canada licencing standards should obtain the advance approval of their flying school and then insert all self study and ground school attendance dates/subjects/times directly into their Pilot Training Record (PTR). Under CARs, since we are not a "flying school" (we do not offer ab initio flight training) we cannot issue such certifications.

Transport Canada YVR Airport Testing Centre

Students completing our training can write their TC writtens (all examinations other than PPL; PPL must be written at flying school/club) at the nearby Transport Canada Testing Centre - Richmond (only a few blocks away from our training centre!) at 400 - 3600 Lysander Lane (the office building just south of the Pacific Gateway Hotel) telephone 604-666-8777. Note: The Transport Canada TCC requires that an advance appointment be made to sit all TC written exams; their testing centre is open during office hours M - F.

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