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Instrument Rating Ground School Course, 2015 Edition

Updates, Amendments and Revisions

Instrument Rating Validity Period, Page 12.

Based on Global Exemption NCR-009-2015, an Instrument Rating will not expire in 24 months as provided by CARs 401.48 provided an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) has been successully completed every 24 months with a qualified Approved Check Pilot or Pilot Examiner. The IPC is less formal than a flight test but essentially covers the same elements based on the Instrument Rating Flight Test Guide. Following successful completion of the IPC, the examiner/check pilot certifies the holder's competency with an entry into the holde'rs Aviation Document Booklet.

Page 114: VOR Airway Tracking: All references to "Fig. A-19" should be replaced with "Fig. A-46".

Page 115: Answer b) should read "T/B Right of Centre" (not "left of centre"). Answer c) should read "Left of Centre" (not "right of centre).

Page 120, ADF Position Fix: Ref to LO Chart is "Fig. A-46", not "A-19".

Page 121, Determinaiton of Expected ADF Indication Over Intersection, example should reference to LO Chart at "Fig. A-46", not "A-19".







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