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Airline Transport and IATRA Ground School Course, 2018 Edition

Updates, Amendments and Revisions


Insert the following after the sample Computerized Flight Plan at page 69, s. 1.18:

1. What is the departure airport?
2. What is the destination airport?
3. What is the alternate airport?
4. What is the planned routing?
5. What are the average upper level winds?
6. Are the weights in pounds or in kilograms?
7. What is the fuel required from CYAM to CYOW?
8. What is the available reserve fuel?
9. What is the remaining fuel on board at landing at destination assuming it is not necessary to proceed to alternate?
10. What is the flight planned cruising altitude?

1. CYAM (Sault Ste. Marie).
2. CYOW (Ottawa International).
3. CYND (Gatineau, QC).
4. Routing is from CYAM direct SSM VOR/DME thence via high level airway J500 direct YSB thence via high level airway J513 direct SMARE intersection, thence via R314 direct YOW VOR thence direct CYOW.
5. Tailwind 35 knots.
6. Pounds.
7. 1,475 lbs.
8. 2,956 lbs.
9. 3,325 lbs (alternate fuel remaining 369 lbs + reserve fuel remaining 2,956 lbs).
10. FL 330.







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