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Airline Transport and IATRA Written Test Book, 2018 Edition

Updates, Amendments and Revisions

SARON Exam No. 2, Q. 54. Revise as follows:

Mach Number is affected by:

a) TAS and CAS.
b) Mcrit and OAT.
c) Pressure altitude and CAS.
d) TAS and OAT.

SAMRA Exam No. 4, Q. 34: Item 2 should read "Occluded Frontolysis" and not "Occluded Frontogenesis". Q. 43, answer option b) should be "Y", answer option c) should be "X".

SAMRA Exam No. 6, Q. 65: chart is at Fig. 21 in the Exam Appendix (not at Fig. 11). Q. 77: change answer option c) to: "2 NM, 1 NM, 0.5 NM."

Exam Appendix Fig. 17A: Due to a printing error the wrong image for prognostic winds at FL 450 appears. The correct version is provided here: Fig. 17A

Answer Key: SARON Exam No. 2, Q. 47, correct answer is D (not C).

Answer Key: SARON Exam No. 2, Q. 70, correct answer is D (not B).







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