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Instrument Rating Written Test Book, 2018 Edition

Updates, Amendments and Revisions

INRAT EXAM NO. 3, QUESTION 36: Change answer option a) to "enter non-standard hold on track 230 ...".

INRAT EXAM NO. 8, QUESTION 11: Change the text of the question as follows (answer options remain the same):

"11. Refer to the Departure Procedure for Kamloops, BC at Fig. 22 in the Exam Appendix. Assume that during climbout, at a ground speed of 120 kts, your aircraft can maintain a rate of climb of at least 1,000 ft/min to 7,000 feet ASL. What is the minimum required visibility and ceiling for departure from Runway 26?"

INRAT EXAM NO. 8, QUESTION 14: Change Answer option b) as follows:

b) 2,694; 1,023.







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