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Airline Transport and IATRA Ground School Course, 2019 Edition

Updates, Amendments and Revisions

Add the following text to "the cold soaking phenomenon" at s. 4.12:

Frost initially forms as individual grains about .004 inches in diameter. Additional build-up comes through grain growth from .010 to .015 inches in diameter, grain layering, and the formation of FROST NEEDLES. Test data indicate that this roughness on the wing lower surface will have no significant effect on lift, but it may increase drag and thereby decrease climb gradient capability which results in a second segment climb limiting weight penalty.


Transport Canada has revised holding pattern speed limits. Add the following to s. 1.19 under "Holding Procedures":

Holding patterns must not exceed the following speeds:

a) at or below 6,000 feet: 200 kts IAS;
b) above 6,000 feet up to and including 14,000 feet: 230 knots;
c) above 14,000 feet: 265 kts IAS.

At Canadian military airfields, the size of the protected airspace is for a maximum of 310 kts, unless otherwise noted.


Transport Canada has revised the minimum period to wait following the consumption of alcohol to 12 hours from 8 hours. Revise the following text at Section 4, Flight Operations, at s. 4.19, Aviation Physiology under "Alcohol":

..."the air regulations require a minimum of 12 hours lapse before flying following alcohol consumption ...







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