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Instrument Rating Written Test Book, 2019 Edition

Updates, Amendments and Revisions

INRAT EXAM NO. 3, QUESTION 6. Revise the question the following:

6. The maximum speed for an aircraft at or below 6,000 feet ASL within a hold is:

a) 200 kts.
b) 175 kts.
c) 150 kts.
d) 140 kts.

INRAT EXAM NO. 5, QUESTION 17. Change the text of the question to the following:

17. For aircraft above 6,000 feet up to and including 14,000 feet, holding patterns must not exceed:

a) 265 kts.
b) 230 kts.
c) 200 kts.
d) 210 kts.

INRAT EXAM NO. 7, QUESTION 13. Change the text of the question to the following:

13. Where no maximum speed in a shuttle pattern is specified, aircraft must not exceed a speed of

a) 180 kts IAS.
b) 310 kts TAS.
c) 180 kts TAS.
d) 310 kts IAS.

INRAT EXAM NO. 8, QUESTION 11. Change the text of the question as follows (answer options remain the same):

"11. Refer to the Departure Procedure for Kamloops, BC at Fig. 22 in the Exam Appendix. Assume that during climbout, at a ground speed of 120 kts, your aircraft can maintain a rate of climb of at least 1,000 ft/min to 7,000 feet ASL. What is the minimum required visibility and ceiling for departure from Runway 26?"

INRAT EXAM NO. 8, QUESTION 14: Change Answer option b) as follows:

b) 2,694; 1,023.







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