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Private Pilot and Recreational Pilot Ground School Course, 2022 Edition

Updates, Amendments and Revisions

S. 6.26, Answers to questions based on Canada Flight Supplement. Due to a printing error, some copies of this text may be missing the answers to this exercise. The answers to the exercise are provided below:

1. CYYY.
2. Règle Intermunicipale, telephone number 418-775-3347.
3. Yes, this is a TC certified airport (³cert²).
4. Advance permission is not required to use this airport since it is a public certified airport.
5. Elevation 172 ft ASL, magnetic variation 20° W, and it is located 1.5 NM NNW from nearest community.
6. 1,900 feet. See the OCC quadrants diagram.
7. Class E to 3,200 feet ASL. See aerodrome sketch.
8. Public facilities available at the terminal building are telephone, food, car rental, from 1200 - 2000Z (1100 - 1900 Z when DT time in effect - the ³ý² symbol is used to indicate the 1 hour difference). Public facilities available within 5 NM are medical facilities and accommodations limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays only.
9. VNC Chart Air 5010.
10. WAC Chart E-19.
11. Runway 06/24 is 5,000 ft X 150 ft, asphalt; Runway 07/25 is 4,000 ft X 150 ft, asphalt; Runway 15/33 is 3,954 ft X 150 ft, asphalt.
12. There is no FSS station, but the Québec FIC can be contacted toll free at 1-866-541-4105 for flight planning services in relation to this airport. There is also a pilot information kiosk in the airport terminal building. 13. Runway 15/33 is closed from January 6 to March 31.
14. P2 PAPI approach systems are available (EWH to 25 ft) for runways 06 and 24.
15. MF 122.1 MHz, Mont-Joli Radio, in either English or French.
16. MF area is 5 NM radius (joined to Rimouski MF area by a 5 NM corridor - see Mont-Joli-Rimouski VTPC chart).
17. Flight information services enroute (FISE) can be obtained via the Québec RCO over 123.25 or 126.7 MHz. 18. Runways 24 (0.32%) and 15 (1.03%).
19. Paramotors activities from the surface up to 500 ft ASL, sometimes to 1,200 ft ASL. Ultra-light activities 2 NM to SW to 700 ft ASL.
20. Within a 3 NM radius there is a VOT omni-test, an NDB (YY) a VOR/DME (YYY) and a LOCALIZER (IYY). 21. 100 LL and Jet A from Petro-T.
22. Aerodrome beacon is to South of runway complex, adjacent to the helipad and FSS.
23. There are 3 wind direction indicators, all are lighted.
24. Fuel can be obtained from 0730 - 2000 hrs Eastern Daylight Saving Time.
25. Circuits are right-hand for runway 24.







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