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Airline Transport and IATRA Written Test Book, 2024 Edition, by Michael J. Culhane

[Airline Transport STB]

This outstanding Canadian ATPL test preparation manual is a supplement to our Airline Transport and IATRA Ground School Course, and is perfect for self studying for the Canadian ATPL writtens (SARON and SAMRA), the Individual Aeroplane Type Rating written (IATRA), and for the FAA ATP to Canadian ATPL conversionary exam (FAAAA). This manual includes 12 ATPL sample exams: 6 SARON and 6 SAMRA, along with 6 IATRA sample exams and 6 FAAAA sample exams. All chart excerpts, weather supplements, performance charts and tables etc. are included so no outside materials are needed to write the exams. Writing and scoring these exams followed by referencing back to the ground school course and re-learning any weak subject areas will greatly enhance scoring potential on Transport Canada ATPL/IATRA/FAAAA writtens. Since every question in our written test book is cross referenced to our ground school course text, our users will never find themselves in "in the dark" as to how a particular calcuation or problem is solved: our user-friendly cross referencing system means that every question can be immediately sourced to the background foundation of knowledge for the question and so as to easily learn what must be learned so as to determine the correct answer.

354 pages, perfect bound. ISBN 978-1-895801-40-8.
Retail price: $249.95 CDN

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