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FAQ: Online Ground School

Are the questions in your online ground school the same as those in your ground school course or written test book training manuals? Excepting only our PSTAR and AME Regs online training programs, all questions in our online ground schools and online exams are competely UNIQUE and original and are not duplicated in our ground school course training manuals or written test books.

Do you provide the correct answers for the questions, review quizzes and final exams in your online ground school courses? Yes. Correct answers for every question in our online ground school courses (including our review quizzes and final exams) are provided, along with numbered cross references to the applicable background subjects as sourced from our training texts.

Are the quizzes and exams in your courses automatically graded or do I have to wait for my tests to be graded? Our tests are graded immediately: simply select the "grade exam!" button at the bottom of each test and your score will be immediately calculated. If you don't like your score, you can "reload" the test immediately and try again, after which your re-try will be automatically regraded etc. Note: you must have the JavaScript feature of your web browser enabled for our auto grading feature to work properly.

Why is it necessary to have access to your textbooks while completing your online ground school programs? A quality background textbook is a useful and important requirement for any course, online or otherwise, because it offers a supplemental source of reference material. Users of our online ground school require access to our textbooks so as to refer to navigation charts, tables or aircraft peformance data as part of the course content, to look up definitions or abbreviations, or to serve as a rich and useful source of supplemental content for further review and study of the applicable subjects. As well, the paragraph numbering and ordering of the subjects in our textbooks offers a perfect, integrated match with the order, presentation and numbering of the subjects in our online courses. This is why our particular textbooks are the best match for our online ground school programs; they are perfectly integrated since they are organized the same way. Given the widespread use of our training manuals in Canada, most users of our online ground school courses will already possess our textbooks.

Do you impose any daily/weekly or number-of-attempt restrictions or other user access limitations in relation to how often I can complete and access the questions in your online courses or attempt any of the quizzes or sample tests within it? No - we impose no such limits or restrictions. During the subscription period, you can take or re-take our course as many times as you like, including unlimited, multiple attempts at the quizzes and final exams. You can start from any subject or question, and you can return to any subject or question. There are no daily, weekly or any other limit on how many times you may attempt our questions, quizzes, or exams, nor is there a "minimum score" requirement that must be achieved before being permitted to advance to further questions, quizzes or exams.

Does your online ground school include direct access to a "live" instructor so that I can obtain direct, one to one instructional assistance as part of completing your online course? No. Our courses have been written completely for self study and we don't offer live instructor/tutor services. The reason that we have not provided the services of a dedicated, live instructor to assist users as they complete our online courses is that to offer such service would significantly increase the price of our product. Since we have designed our online courses in a logical, step by step format, with full instructions provided for solutions to the problems and detailed instructions on complex calculation chains, along with cross references for every question to our related training textbooks, those following our plan should have no difficulties completing our program and should not require a live instructor to complete our courses. Those seeking the ongoing, interactional assistance of a live instructor to assist them as they complete our courses should engage and retain the services of such an instructor from a local flying school or flying club as desired. HOWEVER, having said this, if you have any issues with any of our questions please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to review your concerns and to help you provided it is understood that such assistance is in our discretion and not included in the course fee.

Once I register for one of your internet ground schools, will you be thereafter spamming my email inbox with "junk mail" or any other form of unwanted promotional materials? Absolutely not! The ONLY reason we will need your e-mail address when you register for one of our courses is for the payment processing phase to send you a confirmation of purchase, and within 24 hours of processing payment, to send you your confidential user access credentials. We promise not to use your e-mail address or any other personal information for any improper secondary purpose, and, other than dealing with your credit card issuer as needed to process payment, we promise never to divulge your personal information to third parties under any circumstances. We will not send you bulk email or lend/sell out our customer email lists.

Do you issue course completion certifications and letters of recommendation towards PPL or CPL licencing requirements? No - we have no authority to do this. All student Pilot Training Records, certifications and training records, instructor sign-offs and letters of recommendation to sit the TC written are the sole responsibility of the student's primary flying school (Ref: CARs 403.13).

Can I apply the study time I spend using your online course towards my overall ground school attendance/experience requirements, including the new 80 hours ground school minimum for the PPL/CPL? Yes, with your flying school/club approval. Under CARs, responsibility for establishing a ground school curriculum that meets the required standards for the PPL or CPL is up to the flying school or flying club. Therefore, to have your self study times meet formal ground school requirements, confirm your school is agreeable to this in advance and will approve of your using our online course as self study, then keep track of your self study times while completing our online course (itemized by date, subject and time) and have your school transfer these times into your Transport Canada Pilot Training Record. A Pilot Training Record extract is provided in our Private Pilot/Commercial Pilot textbooks that can be used to keep track of your self study times.

Do I need the permission of my flying school or club to take your online ground school? No. You are free to take our online ground school at any time without any permission from your school. Those that complete our online ground school as a supplement to the school's primary course will find that extra, sharpened ability towards achieving strong results on the Transport Canada written examinations. Regardless of whether you complete our online ground school as a primary training program under your school's supervision or as a secondary optional program, our online ground school will be of great assistance towards learning and re-enforcing knowledge of the required subjects, enhancing competence at problem solving of advanced aviation examination questions, and towards development of superior overall test-taking skills.

I am having trouble logging on to your online ground school using my password. Is there a problem with your server? Probably not. If you are having difficulty logging in, double-check your password carefully, SPELLED CORRECTLY character for character, with all alphabetic letters in LOWER CASE with NO BLANK SPACES and then try and login again. User login problems are virtually always traceable to the user not entering the correct password. For example, if your individual password that we issued to you is "wilbur-wright/pilot" and you try to login incorrectly as "willboor-rite/pilutt" or "wilburwrightpilot" or "wilbur/wright-pilot" or "WiLBur-wRighT/PiLoT" or "w i l b u r - w r i g h t / p i l o t" etc. etc. you will be denied access until you enter the correct password.

I have just purchased your online ground school/online exams from your online store and I have received my confirmation of purchase, but I have not yet received my user access ID and password. When will I get these? Please allow us 24 hours to set up your unique user ID access and password credentials which we will send separately to the email address you give us.

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