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The internet is an impressive and truly revolutionary medium that has had a profound effect on how we obtain information. For pilot training, the internet permits the student to self-study for his or her aviation written exams using online courses at any time of day or night, any day of the week, from any location in the world where an internet connection is available. We have developed and custom authored a series of internet based online ground school courses for Canadian pilots. We offer online ground school for the following licences/ratings:

  • Private Pilot - Aeroplane
  • Commercial Pilot - Aeroplane
  • Commercial Pilot - Helicopter
  • Instrument Rating (Available soon!)
  • Airline Transport/IATRA - Aeroplane
  • Flight Dispatcher

Each of our online ground schools serve as an interactive self study program of questions/answers that are designed to take the user through the required subjects. There are over 1,000 questions/answers in total in each course, along with multiple sets of self marking review quizzes and a complete sample exam (three exams in the case of our ATPL/IATRA course).

At most flying schools, typically, a student will have to attend ground school lectures for a period of several months. In some cases, such as for the Commerical Pilot licence, there may be no formal ground school in place as the school must wait for a sufficient number of students to sign up as would make providing a CPL course economic for the school. Many students can take 6 months or more before they are adequately prepared to complete the Transport Canada written exam. And for each 2 or 3 hour session of ground school, the student will have to set aside specific time so as to gather up text books, get into the car, drive to the airport during the evenings or weekends, drive back home only to have to repeat the process mulitiple times before having learned the required ground school subjects. Schools that utilize our program of online ground school can VASTLY IMPROVE the learning process and time required for their students to be able to complete and pass their written exams, with no need for multiple trips for "live" ground school lectures, while being able to study at home or the office at their own time and pace 24/7, and in the end be just as knowledgeable or even more knowledgable than would necessarily be the case by attending a lengthy program of lectures.

We are pleased to offer school access to our online ground school courses via our school subscription program. School subscriptions to our online ground schools are based on a single school password being provided to the school that is valid for unrestricted, unlimited access over the subscription term (1 year, 2 years or 3 years), and that can be used for any number of school students to access our online courses during the subscription period. The school sets its own prices for its students e.g. the school can include access to our online ground school as a one-time sign up fee, bill for each student, or even permit free access to school customers. Our online courses, at the school's option, can be used as supplemental training or as a complete program to fulfill all Transport Canada curriculum ground school training requirements (the school remains responsible to complete the necessary entries in pilot training records and to provide letters of recommendation to sit the actual exams).

We are not our offering online ground schools as "newbies" to the field of aviation ground training in Canada, or as a sideline or "part time" project. We are the leaders in Canada, by far, when it comes to aviation self study training courses and referenced sample exams for all levels of pilot licences and ratings, from student pilot to ATPL, fixed wing and rotary. We have sold over 100,000 copies of our training texts in terms of consolidated sales of our "Culhane" line of aviation training manual texts. Take advantage of our GROUND TRAINING EXPERTISE and partner with us so that we can provide a complete, comprehensive and fully transferable ground school course curriculum for your students online so your students can self study online at any time they want, wherever they can access the internet, day or night, 24/7, 365 days per year. Schools that partner with us for online ground school will save on the huge time and monetary investment required to "re-invent the wheel" from scratch by writing and developing their own online course content and source code. Since the release of our first online course in 2000, a very large number of students have now completed our online courses and many schools have adopted our online programs: we consider ourselves to now be the industry leaders in online aviation training courses in Canada.

As with any training course, a background textbook will be required, and we have designed our online courses to fit perfectly with our industry leading Culhane training texts. For every question in our online courses, a subject reference code has been provided that will take the student directly to the applicable background subject matter in the appropriate ground school course textbook. In the case of aviation charts and performance tables, access to our training textbooks will be mandatory so as to enable the student complete our online courses. Since most schools in Canada already sell our Culhane line of training manuals, there is already a perfect fit in place for schools that add our online ground school as an additional training product that the school can ad to its line of training products.

We encourage all Canadian flying schools to utilize our online courses. The immediate benefits to the school to subscribing to our service are as follows:

  • School students can immediately commence their studies online rather than having to wait for a scheduled series of lectures.
  • School students can study at their own pace 24/7 from wherever internet access is available, worldwide.
  • School will have a more rounded and complete ground school training curriculum by adding our internet courses to current ground school training program in place at school.
  • School obtains profit from re-selling our online courses to the students, along with secondary profits based on re-selling our training texts.
  • Pace of completion of ground school will be greatly accelerated.
  • For small schools, freelance instructors or where there is insufficient enrollment to justify running a series of lectures, the school can simply use our online program as its complete ground school program, and provided the flying school is satisfied that our program adequately covers the Transport Canada syllabus (which it does), this will stand as valid "ground school" for purposes of pilot licensing.
  • School will be current with online technology; those schools that offer online training will have a huge competitive advantage over those that still rely exclusively on conventional lecture format: student pilots these days are very TECHNOLOGICALLY ORIENTED and it is important to be able to offer training programs that are in keeping with the information technology provided by the internet that the student will expect.
  • School students will be following an organized, structured program of study that will comprehensively cover all required study subjects as stipulated in current TC Study and Reference Guides.
  • We provide the online course, the school takes care of the recommendations and training records, and this is how it should be, in our view. Since Transport Canada leaves the ground school curriculum entirely up to the school, our ground school is perfectly acceptable and will fully meet ground school curriculum and attendance requirements as school-approved home study: simply have the students enter their self study times when using our online courses in the PTR extract that we provide in our course manuals, then transfer these study times into the student's PTR kept at your school offices: as long as our ground school system is acceptable for the school, this is perfectly legal and counts as valid ground school attendance that can be added to lectures, hourly tutoring etc. from the school so as to complete Transport Canada ground school attendance minimums.

Of course the school cannot simply rely on the internet to provide the entire ground school: we believe that for school's using our online courses, periodically, an instructor should sit down with each student one-on-one and quiz the student to verify learning progression. As well, when the student has completed our online course, an instructor should complete a brief oral review to confirm the student will be ready to sit the Transport Canada written, and to permit the school to issue the required recommendation. But the bulk of the required ground school can be completed via online self study and our system really works.

Click here to order a flying school version of one of our online ground schools.

If your school would like further information, please feel free to give us a call at 604.279.0179 or E-mail us and we will be please to provide any further information that you may require.

Thanks for your interest!!

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