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Online Exams (cont.)

Reference Texts

While completing our online exams, users will require our Culhane reference texts to access the many required tables, charts and illustrations referred to in the appropriate online exam. Our reference texts also serve as important background material since all questions in our exams have been cross referenced to our texts so as to facilitate further study. The specific Culhane reference texts for each of our online exams are as follows:

NOTE: The above Culhane course and exam textbooks have everything needed to complete our online exams and are stand alone references: no other references or publications are needed to complete our online exams! All other aviation texts covering similar subjects should be considered as optional reading only.


For each of our Private Pilot online exams, users will need a standard E6B or electronic aviation flight computer, along with a protractor and chart rule (a chart rule/plotter is optional - a simple ruler or straight-edge will also suffice). A standard pocket calculator is useful for quickly adding up sets of distances, weights etc.

Instructor Supervision and Assistance

All of our online exams are structured entirely as independent, unsupervised, self guided training, and our online training is NOT a form of correspondence course. Accordingly, we offer no individual instructional assistance. Those who would prefer to have an instructor actively available to provide ongoing tutoring assistance while completing any of our online exams are asked to please seek the services of a local flight or ground school instructor and to make independent arrangments to pay for such instructional services as necessary. While we welcome and will be pleased to receive any constructive user feedback, we ask our users to please refrain from contacting us for the purpose of obtaining free, supplemental tutoring services.

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