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Frequently Asked Questions - Page 4

What are your rates and estimated delivery times for international shipping? We use a "flat rate" system for our international customers. Our international shipping rates, in addition to the order processing fee of $25, are based on Canada Post Expresspost International service. We ship all of our international orders on an expedited basis (allow 2 - 30 business days for delivery. Sometimes customs processing delays can occur.

Can you send my international order via regular surface mail or basic air mail service so as to save on the shipping expense? We don't offer less expensive international shipping rates based on using non-premium services such as surface mail or basic air mail because these less expensive services, while they offer savings, unfortunately don't provide tracking and tracing or insurance for our shipments. Basic surface or air mail can also take up to several months for our shipment to reach our customer, and if the shipment goes missing, there is no way for us to trace or track or find the shipment. For this reason, all of our international shipments are sent via Expresspost International so that our products will be delivered quickly and reliably, and can be traced/tracked/verified if necessary.

Can I pay for my order of Culhane training manuals in US currency? We are sorry but since our banking is done in Canadian currency, and since the exchange rates change from day to day, all of orders will be processed in Canadian currency only. The Bank of Canada's currency converter can be used to determine equivalent US currency amounts.

Do you offer training materials for Flight Dispatchers? Yes! Click here for further details.

Do you offer training materials for Glider Pilots, Ultra-Light Pilots or Hang Glider Pilots? Not at this time.

Do you offer training materials for Flight Service Station specialists and/or Aviation Weather Briefers? Not at this time.

Do you offer training materials for the Air Traffic Controller Aptitude Test? Not at this time (our previous training manuals for this are now out of date since a new testing system is being used - those planning to write the ATC Aptitude Test should consult with Nav Canada for the latest information on this test).

Do you offer training materials for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer technical exams such as structures, engines, electronics etc.? Not at this time (we do however offer a training text for the AME regulatory requirements exam).

Do you offer a layperson's legal guide for Canadian aircraft owners and pilots? We are in the process of updating and revising our previously published title: AVIATION LAW: Legal Guide for Canadian Owners and Pilots, by Michael J. Culhane, and we expect to re-launch this title soon.

I am using one of your manuals and I disagree with something in your book [OR] I have what I think is a better way to communicate a particular point [OR] I have encountered some subjects on the latest TC exam I wrote that are not covered in your current training texts. Are you open to receive constructive feedback in the interests of product improvement? Of course! While we are very proud of the quality of our manuals, we must continually revise, upgrade and amend our materials as the aviation training system changes and as we find improvements that can be made. Many users of our training manuals in the past have provided us with useful recommendations towards improving the content, quality and presentation of our manuals, and we are grateful to receive such constructive feedback. If you are concerned as to a possible error, or have encountered new subjects when you wrote your TC written that have not been covered in our CURRENT texts, or have any other specific or general recommendations as to how we could improve any of our CURRENT aviation training products, please e-mail us so that we can review your input and make any appropriate changes. Before contacting us, please ensure that you first review our exam writing tips section of our website, check our updates, and research the background subject behind the particular question by referencing to our current ground school course manual. ALL QUESTIONS IN OUR WRITTEN TEST BOOKS ARE BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION THAT YOU HAVE COMPLETED OUR COURSE TEXT IN FULL BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT THE EXAM QUESTIONS IN OUR TEST BOOKS: YOU WILL LIKELY HAVE DIFFICULTIES WITH OUR EXAM QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED OUR COURSE TEXT BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT OUR SAMPLE TESTS!

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