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Online Ground School (cont.)

Web Browsers, Technical Requirements

Our online courses do not depend on or require any sophisticated web features and should run fine on all html capable browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape or AOL. Other than having a standard internet web browser, no secondary software of any kind needs to be separately purchased, downloaded, installed or configured to complete our online courses. We have intentionally kept our online courses very modest in terms of memory needs and operating system requirements. Even rudimentary, earlier generation IBM compatable PC's or Macintosh computers having a basic phone modem should provide ample access and functionality to complete our online courses.

It would be helpful (but not mandatory) if your web browser is "JavaScript" capable, because the automated scoring feature of the quizzes and final exams and count-down timer features of our online courses are based on JavaScript applications. Even if your internet browser is not JavaScript capable nor JavaScript enabled, you can still self-mark the quizzes and final exams using the answer keys provided, and time the final exams by using a simple timepiece. The "accept cookies" feature of internet web browsers is not necessary and need not be enabled for purposes of completing our-line courses.

Reference Texts

While completing our online ground school, users will require our Culhane reference texts to access the many required tables, charts and illustrations referred to in the appropriate online course. Our reference texts also serve as important background material since all questions in our online courses have been cross referenced to our texts so as to facilitate further study. The specific Culhane reference texts for each of our online ground school courses are as follows:

NOTE: The above Culhane Ground School Course textbooks have everything needed to complete our online courses and are stand alone references: no other publications are required! The only secondary publications that we recommend are the Culhane Written Test Books, which consist of multiple sets of supplemental, cross referenced practise exams.

NOTE 2: Our ATPL/IATRA/FAAAA Online Course is presented from the assumption that the user is CURRENT to the CPL level of knowledge. If your CPL baseline knowledge is weak or out of date, or if you have never achieved the CPL standard, we recommend that you first complete our Commercial Pilot level course prior to commencing your studies for the ATPL/IATRA/FAAAA.

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