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Online Ground School (cont.)


For each of our online ground school courses, users will need a standard E6B or electronic aviation flight computer, along with a protractor and navigation plotter/chart rule. A standard pocket calculator is useful for quickly adding up sets of distances, weights etc. Those completing our ATPL online ground school course will need as a primary flight computer either a standard E6B or a CR type circular flight computer along with an electronic calculator having a square root function.

Instructor Supervision and Assistance

All of our online ground school courses are structured entirely as self study: we do not offer "live" instructor tutoring.

PPL/CPL Online Course Transfer of Self Study Times, Letters of Recommendation

Our online courses can be applied towards mandatory CPL/PPL ground school attendance requirements, provided that this is approved by your flying school, and your flying school enters and certifies your self study times using our online courses into your Pilot Training Record. As well, your school will need to provide you with a letter of recommendation for the purposes of permitting sitting the Transport Canada written.

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