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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals


Culhane Professional Pilot Logbook Now Available!

Culhane Aviation Training Manuals

We are very pleased to announce our latest Culhane aviation training product is now available: a professional Canadian pilot logbook that fully meets CARs requirements and is ideally suited to professional pilots. This well designed, comprehensive and fully Canadian pilot logbook is 256 pages with room for 1,872 separate entries and is intended for recording flight times for every Canadian pilot licence and rating from Student Pilot to ATPL. Separate, dedicated columns are included for all standard entries (dual, PIC, single, multi, flight route, IFR flights broken down into hood/actual/sim/FTD along with type and number of IFR approaches, record of types flown, PPC/type ratings held, 2 year recency endorsements, 5 year re-currency endorsements etc.) along with dedicated columns for entries not seen in other leading Canadian professional pilot logbooks such as separate columns for co-pliot single engine time, co-pilot cross country time (day and night) along with separate columns for float/amphibian time, turbine time, glass cockpit/EFIS time, helicopter/glider time and tailwheel/aerobatics time. Our professional logbook also includes two pages with detailed instructions on logging of flight times with appropriate references to CARs and other aeronautical enactments to help sort out how to log experience such as whether a trip should be logged as dual vs. PIC vs. copilot, cross country experience etc. Our professional pilot logbook includes a comprehensive 9 year summary of experience section. Best of all, the suggested retail for our professional pilot logbook is only $29.95 CDN!

Look inside.

Summary of features, Culhane Professional Pilot Logbook:

  • Black imitation leather cover
  • Durable, high quality Smythe-sewn hardcover binding
  • 256 pages, 16 entries per page
  • Space for 1,872 separate entries in total
  • Size: 6.75" X 11.25"
  • Bookmark ribbon
  • Two blank columns for user-specified entries
  • 5 Year Flight Review page (space for 4 entries)
  • 24 Month recurrent training program page (space for 10 entries)
  • PPC and Type Ratings page (space for 32 entries)
  • Record of Types Flown page (space for 32 entries)
  • Record of Pilot Permits, Licences & Ratings page (space for 32 entries)
  • 9 Year Summary of Experience
  • Dedicated page for TC air exercise numbers
  • Individually numbered pages
  • Alternating grey/white entry lines for less eye fatigue
  • Fully meets Transport Canada requirements
  • Standard columns for
    • Year date month of flight
    • Aircraft type/registration
    • Pilot-in-command
    • Co-pilot/student/passenger
    • Route of flight
    • Exercises/Remarks
    • Single engine day/night dual
    • Single engine day/night PIC
    • Multi-engine day/night dual
    • Multi-engine day/night PIC
    • Cross country day/night dual
    • Cross country day/night PIC
    • Instrument time: Actual, hood, simulator, number of IFR approaches
  • Separate, dedicated columns not found in other leading Canadian professional pilot logbooks:
    • Type of IFR approach
    • Co-pilot single engine day
    • Co-pilot single engine night
    • Co-pilot cross-country day
    • Co-pilot cross-country night
    • Number of take-offs, day (other logbooks have combined day/night "take-offs and landings" only)
    • Number of take-offs, night (other logbooks have combined day/night "take-offs and landings" only)
    • Number of landings, day (other logbooks have combined day/night "take-offs and landings" only)
    • Number of landings, night (other logbooks have combined day/night "take-offs and landings" only)
    • Flight instructor time
    • Float time
    • Helicopter/Glider time
    • Tailwheel/Aerobatics time
    • Turbine Time
    • Glass cockpit display time
    • Intermediate take-offs and landings
    • Route of flight (broken down into place of departure, arrival and intermediate take-offs and landings)
    • Complete, detailed instructions on logging flight times, CARs flight time vs. air time vs. hobbs time, copilot, dual, cross country definitions etc. (two pages)
    • Complete, detailed instructions on completion and logging of 24 month recurrent training programs and 5 year flight reviews with CARs references

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