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Online Ground School

Available Online Courses

PSTAR and Student Pilot Online Ground School (FREE!)
Private Pilot Online Ground School
Commercial Pilot - Aeroplane Online Ground School
Helicopter Pilot - CPL/FAACH Online Ground School
Airline Transport and IATRA/FAAAA Online Ground School
Flight Dispatcher Online Ground School
Flying School Online Ground School for Multiple Students

General Information

Our popular line of Online Ground School Courses authored by Michael J. Culhane, Esq. ATPL BSc BA JD offer a useful and highly effective system to self study on the internet for the latest Transport Canada written exams. Each of our online courses (excepting the PSTAR) includes over 1,000 questions in total that consist of a question-and-answer format that has been meticulously organized to provide a complete and thorough review of all relevant subjects based on the latest TC standards. As well, our online courses include multiple sets of quizzes and a realistic final exam, along with detailed, complete instructions for complex questions and problem chains. Users can complete the exams and quizzes in our online ground schools an unlimited number of times without any daily number-of-attempt limits or other un-necessary restrictions, and answer keys for all quizzes and tests are provided. All questions and quizzes in our online ground school courses have been carefully integrated with our existing texts and include cross references for further study and review, thus eliminating "missing reference" problems and permitting fast, easy cross referencing to relevant background subject matter (other than our current text manuals, there is no need for other external background references whatsoever for users of our online training programmes).

Any internet device that can be used to access the internet will permit users to log in and access our online courses including standard computers with basic dial up or high speed access, laptop computers over wifi networks, iphones, ipads, notebooks, blackberry's etc. - we have written our online courses in basic html so as to ensure ease of access universally over all internet platforms with no supplemental software aps or advanced capabilities required. Here is a sample question so you can see the format we utilize: Sample Question

Upon receipt of payment for one of our online ground school courses, we will send an immediate confirmation of payment. Then, within 24 hours, we will forward confidential user access name and password credentials via separate e-mail. Purchaser agrees as a condition of using our service not to transmit or divulge user credentials to other parties or to permit non-registered users to access our course using their credentials. Registered users are given unlimited access during subscription term to the appropriate online ground school course, as counted from the day we e-mail user-name and password. Following this expiry of subscription period, access expires and users must re-register for a new subscription term at posted rates if further access is desired.

NOTE 1: Our online courses require access to the appropriate Culhane Course textbook (most current edition) to reference supplemental illustrations, charts and tables referred to in the applicable online course. Our texts also serve as a useful background reference where further study and review is desired. Culhane training texts are EXTRA and are not included in basic online course fee, but can be ordered at discounted prices if ordered at the same time as registering for our online ground school. Our supplemental Culhane written test books are not mandatory for purposes of completing our online courses, but are highly recommended so as to maximize test writing skills.

NOTE 2: All of our online courses are for independent self study and no permissions are necessary from your flying school or from Transport Canada to take our online courses. To have self study times with our online courses count towards Transport Canada attendance requirements so as to meet Transport Canada ground school hours requirements, confirm that self study using our online courses will be acceptable for your flying school and if your flying school agrees to this, enter your self study times into your Pilot Training Record (PTR). To gain admission to the Transport Canada PPL or CPL written, a letter of recommendation is required from your flight instructor.

No recommendation letters are necessary for advanced courses (IFR, ATPL, Flight Dispatcher etc.).


All contents (c) COPYRIGHT, Michael J. Culhane.