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Culhane Aviation Training Manuals


Regulatory Requirements for Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, 2022 Revised Edition, by Michael J. Culhane









All Canadian AME's (M, E and S ratings inclusive) must successfully pass the Transport Canada Regulatory Requirements exam (REGS) that covers the applicable provisions of the Aeronautics Act, CARs, Airworthiness Manual and a host of other regulatory sources. Since the minimum passing standard on this exam is at least 70 percent, candidates will need to have a mastery of the required regulatory subjects.

This training text authored by Canadian lawyer Michael J. Culhane, ATPL BSc BA JD has been carefully designed to provide a complete, comprehensive and organized source of the necessary regulatory materials that must be known for the AME Regulatory Requirements examination. In Part 1 of our text, all required regulatory materials have been provided in plain English as sourced from the relevant Canadian legislative enactments and standards, and other relevant regulatory sources and enactments that are not strictly CARs but are still important to establish Canadian maintenance standards such as AC 43.13. In Part 2 of our training manual, a series of 10 realistic REGS sample exams have been provided including answers and cross references. Those that complete this training text will find it to offer a focused, user-friendly and comprehensive system to learn the required materials quickly and effectively and will be invaluable towards mastering the Transport Canada AME Regulatory Requirements exam.

This text is completely up to date for the latest AME Licence training standards.

382 pages, perfect bound. ISBN 978-1-895801-55-2.

Retail Price: $99.95 CDN


AME Personal Logbook, by Michael J. Culhane (Hardcover)








Those wishing to qualify for a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence must successfully complete approved maintenance tasks appropriate to the rating sought in accordance with CARs requirements. This AME personal logbook designed by Michael Culhane ATPL BSc BA JD is logically organized based on CARs requirements with separate sections for M1/M2, Avionics (E) and Structures (S) ratings, along with separate columns for completion dates and certications by the supervising AME. Additional sections are provided for personal data, education, training and employment history. Those using this logbook will find it offers and effective means to keep a comprehensive and accurate record of AME experience and training that will fully meet CARs requirements.

128 pages, hardcover 3.0 mm red imitation leather, Smyth-Sewn binding with bookmark ribbon. Approximate size: 8.5" X 5.5". ISBN 978-1-895801-62-0

Retail Price: $24.95 CDN


AME Personal Logbook, by Michael J. Culhane (Softcover)


This is a softcover version of the Culhane AME Personal Logbook for cost savings. It has all of the elements of the hardcover version in a softcover format.

128 pages, perfect bound (softcover).
Approximate size: 8.5" X 5.5". ISBN 978-1-895801-63-1

Retail Price: $19.95 CDN


AME Regulatory Requirements Online Exams

[AME Regs Online Exams]

Our AME Regulatory Requirements Online Examinations by Michael Culhane include the following features:

  • Four 50-question, autograding AME Regulatory Requirements Exams
  • 60 days single user unlimited access
  • User ID and Password supplied within 24 hours of purchase
  • Answers to exams are cross referenced to our training text Culhane Regulatory Requirements for Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, current edition
  • NOTE: These online exams are independent of the exams in our AME Regulatory Requirements textbook
  • Retail Price: $74.95 CDN

To order, select from the following and click "Buy it Now!"

AME Regulatory Requirements Online Exams - 60 day term: $74.95 (text not included)
AME Regulatory Requirements Online Exams with Text Special: $149.95 (includes 60 days access to AME Regulatory Requirements Online Exams plus Culhane Regulatory Requirements for Canadian AME's textbook, 2022 Ed.)




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All contents (c) COPYRIGHT, Michael J. Culhane.