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VFR Charts and Supplements - Canada

VNC Charts Canada

Nav Canada list of current VFR charts

VNC Charts Canada

Canada VNC

Canadian VNC charts have a scale of 1:500,000 and are the standard aviation chart used for VFR cross country flights. Retail price: $24.95 Each (current edition will be sent).

VNC Charts - Southern Canada (South of 60th Parallel)

VNC Charts - Northern Canada (North of 60th Parallel)



VTA Charts Canada

Canada VTA

Canadian VFR Terminal Area Charts (VTA) have a scale of 1:250,000 and are the standard chart used for flights within the terminal airspace surrounding Canada's major controlled airports and include important information such as standard terminal VFR arrival/departure procedures, local landmarks, frequencies etc. Retail Price: $24.95 (current edition will be sent).




Canada Flight Supplement

Canada Flight Supplement

The Canada Flight Supplement is a key, mandatory pre-flight document that should be carried on all flights, VFR and IFR. It is issued every 56 days and contains information on flight planning, Canadian airports and aerodromes, arrival/departure procedures, aerodrome services and facilities etc. Retail Price: $24.95 (August 15, 2019 Ed.)



Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement

Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement

The Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement provides detailed information on Canadian water aerodromes, arrival/departure procedures, aerodrome services and facilities etc. It is issued on an annual basis. Bilingual format. Retail Price: $79.95 (March 28, 2019 Ed., valid 1 year)



Supplément de vol - Canada

Canada Flight Supplement

Supplement de Vol - Canada (édition bilingue). Prix: $24.95 (Éd. 15 août 2019)

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